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What did you gain from your experience? With this in mind, we’ve brought together a selection of free, online leamega maniadership courses to help you progress on your leadership journey. Let us know your thoughts on these courses and what other skill areas you would like to see us share content on in future. 6. ChatGPT for Beginners ‘Three years ago, in Benha, I captured this beautiful scene of the River Nile where sunsets are always flaming over its shores. Three years ago, I was a fresh graduate and I had nothing in my pockets but dreams. If I were to tell myself that three years later I will be in the United Kingdom doing what I have always been dreaming of, I sblaze bullionimply couldn’t believe it. ‘The day after I submitted my dissertation, I hiked up Conic Hill, in Balmaha, Scotland. The climb up the hill reminded me of my journey the past year – in the beginning, full of excitement and anticipation of what’s ahead, then came the steep climb – encountering challenges that tested my confidence and ability to overcome it. But the desire to know what could await me kept my perseverance to continue the journey and pushed me to face my mental challenges. And I was not disappointed. I was rewarded with the most amazing view of Loch Lomond and its many islands. Similarly, now that I have finished my race, I feel rewarded for all the times I did not give up, but instead challenged myself to continue. Azim Kassim, Brunei The Director of the Chevening Secretariat, Ms Anne Marie Graham, and the new Head of Scholarships at the Foreign angold partyd Commonwealth Office, Mr Ben Coates, both spoke about the value of the network, and the importance of active involvement by alumni, especially in this the 35th year of Chevening’s existence. Ms Angela Tang, on behalf of the event’s co-hosts, the Chevening Alumni Alliance, explained how the group were creating sector-based networking arenas for alumni and encouraged those in the room to join. Ms Patricia Gomez, represented the Mexican Chevening Alumni Association, giving attendees a taste of what can be achieved when alumni gather together as a group. &maquina de casinos#8216;Once in a lifetime opportunity’   At the end of the day, all of us Cheveners were proud of the work we had done and the difference we had made to Hope Pastures. Our work was also very much appreciated by Hope Pastures’ trustee, Sue Sarucan.

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